Book Review: Developing Multiple Talents

Douglas Eby in “Developing Multiple Talents – The personal side of creative expression “ shares his story, others’ stories, and a vast amount of information on what it means to be multi-talented.  He describes the delights and the challenges.  He leads us to options for managing the varied characteristics and integrating all aspects of being multi-talented.

As stated on the back cover:  “This book is a brief overview of some of the key aspects of our inner life that can affect our personal growth and how well we express our creative talents.”

In his usual style Douglas organizes a vast amount of information and experiences for us to explore straight through or with as many side trails as we desire.  His personal explorations have provided an important resource for all who are searching to understand and integrate their high abilities and multiple talents.  If you have questions about Intelligence, Obsession-Perseverance,  Identity-Ego-Self-esteem-Eccentricity, Integrity,  Autonomy, High Sensitivity, Intensity, Sexuality, Awareness – Intuition, Maturity, Happiness – Mood, Inspiration – Passion, Courage – Fear – Anxiety, Environment, Relationships, Addiction, Censorship, Perfectionism – Criticism, Pressure to Perform, Schooling, Work and Career, Healing, Meaning, Visualization, Intention, Balance, or Multiple Challenges – Multiple Rewards,  delve into the appropriate chapter.  It will lead to you an adventure you do not want to miss.


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