How Do We Reach Out to Others that are Struggling?

How do we reach out?  We have struggled.  We know the relief in understanding better what makes us tick.  We delight in meeting others like us.  How did we cross paths with the information or others like us?  Did we get so frustrated we went looking for answers?  That would be natural with our innate curiosity.   Did someone suggest that we look at the information on characteristics of the “gifted”?  Did we come across a book or resource that talked about the “talented”, the “renaissance soul”, the “scanner”, those with high abilities, Mensa, or those with ADD/ADHD, high anxiety, extreme sensitivity,  the imposter syndrome, or ……  And this led us to the characteristics of the everyday genius?  Where and how did we receive a helping hand or the awareness of who we are and how we function?

If we can tell our own story, clarify our own journey, maybe we can answer the question of how to reach out to others.  I know in my daily work setting since I have increased my personal awareness and devoured masses of information, I am meeting others that are struggling with their giftedness.  I am in a position as a counselor then to reach out.  Yet at the same time because of heightened awareness I see the struggles more in the many settings my daily travels lead me.  I also create opportunities for me to connect with others that are making it, but still may have the struggles – professional organizations, service organizations, special interest activities, online forums, and social media connections.  I listen and I share.

Tell your story. Here in the comments.  And keep your story in mind as you wander on your journey of life connecting with others.   Join a forum or board and discuss – others may be hesitant and your story may be the connecting point, the aha.  Leave a comment today.

Share your journey