Connecting with People Like Me

Knowing we think differently and do not fit in, we need to find like minds.  We want to converse with others that understand our sense of humor.  We thrive on conversations and activities that challenge us.  We respond with strong emotions and want to be understood.  We are extremely sensitive to our environment.

Connecting with others like us provides the freedom to be ourselves without shutting down, withdrawing, dumbing down, being frustrated or quitting.  It creates interpersonal relationships (friends) where our peculiar way of operating and odd interests are understood.  Meeting a kindred soul can be a moment of joy.  Cross-generational friendships are unique solutions to the problem.

Going to social gatherings and not knowing what to say because general chit chat can be so boring is very disappointing.  Also, if you do begin to share topics of interest to you or what you have been doing, you lose your audience.  It is very frustrating.  You either spend your time sitting alone and watching (which can be very entertaining); or retreat into your own world of imagination; or you quit going altogether.

At work it becomes a matter of focusing on your own job.  In meetings, if you speak up with ideas, others just roll their eyes and have no idea what you are talking about.  However, next week, the suggestion you made comes up from someone else.  Again you make a choice to attend the meetings physically, but not mentally.  You may not be considered a team player or like in school you’re expected to always take the lead role.

There is a lot of isolation.  This can be satisfactory and meet our needs for creativity.  However, it can also be disconcerting.  It can result in discounting who we are and our abilities.  Finding people like us lets us know we are not weird or alien – we are different and there are others like us.  We have strong existential and emotional needs to connect with others like us.  The connection also provides stimulation for our further development – development in all aspects – cognitively, physically, spiritually, and evolutionary.

It will take effort to make connections.  The energy expended will be well worth it.  The risk will result in stimulating and rewards.  To have a time, place, and people to express exuberance; far-fetched ideas, vast creations of imagination, and humor with a unique twist, is such a joy.  You want to do a happy dance (at least you are relaxed and understood) and it is ok.

How do we make connections with others like us?  How do we find others like us?  How do you go about connecting?  Places to start are specialty groups, clubs or organizations.  Mensa can be a great place for fun and games (literally) as well as intense conversations on esoteric topics.  Online boards and forums provide opportunities to discuss a variety of topics and connect with people from all over the world.  Social Media and Blogs provide for other opportunities to exchange ideas.  Meet ups that are scheduled or you can schedule in a specific genre are possibilities.

How have you connected with others like you?

What are your special interests?  Creative interests?  Recreational interests?  How would you find people with similar interests?

What connection do you feel is missing?

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  1. There is a list of forums here on the web site as well as other resources – here’s the link

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