Connecting with my Community and Folks in General

We live in this world and those like us are few and far between.  However, to accomplish our daily lives we need to connect with those around us.  Each of us develops our own style to make this happen.

We need to understand and know ourselves.  We need to be conscious of our characteristics as gifted adults.

This means we need to own and manage our intensity, complexity, and drive.

We need to realize that other’s brains do NOT work the ways ours’ do.  To communicate we need to use out abilities to facilitate a two way conversation.

We need to know when to take a deep breath and when to sloooowwwww our pace.  We need to know how to ask questions.  We need to understand where others are at lead them through the process which we leapt across.

It is not a matter of telling and shaking our heads because they do not understand.  We may need to draw out the big picture we see.  We may need to drop the topic for the moment and allow some time for their integration of the information.  We can then return later to the topic and continue the discussion.

We may have to choose to pursue some things for our own pleasure.

Awareness of who we are, how we work, and how we are different provides greater information and tools to observe and facilitate the communication and the connections.

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