Contributing to the World

The expression of our multi-talents contributes to improvement – betterment in the world and provides joy.  This helps each of us to fulfill our drive, our mission, our vision with passion, compassion and dedication to human evolution.

What is the message you want to give the world?  What is the legacy you want to leave?

Knowing yourself, trusting yourself, respecting your talent and honoring your contribution are the core of your expression.  Your contribution to the world is not defined by size or greatness.  The infusion of sincerity, honesty, authenticity in your expression is the measurement of your contribution.

Your experience and perspective have value.  Your ability to see many facets creates opportunities for a variety of contributions.  Your ingenuity produces solutions.

What have been your successes or achievements to date?  Yes I want you to name them.  Yes you are smart and clever.  What are the times you felt ecstatic about the results?  What are your outcomes from being in the flow?  What is the common thread among your results of excellence?

Now look around you, what do you see, hear, experience that you know could be changed and “better”?  How can you contribute to achieve the result you know can be?  What is the “problem”?  What is your “solution”?

It is not grandiose to think your contribution makes a difference.  Do not hesitate to make your contribution because it is not “perfect”.  Contributing through stepping stones is dynamic as you develop and the contribution evolves.  Let your creativity flow.  As you leap from one possibility to the next you develop your talents and the vision resulting in significant contributions for one or many.

Forms of jealousy, fear, lack of understanding can be barriers that must be challenged for your expression and impetus to change.

Internal resistance wants to keep you safe.  It is biologically designed for fight or flight.  Thus when you feel frozen, unable to move forward, because it is too uncomfortable or scary – take a deep breath.  Look at your vision.  Take your idea and identify the steps, the tiny steps that will lead to the accomplishment.  With tiny steps, you will know you can do those one at a time and minimize the resistance.  You can see in leaps and do in tiny steps.

Develop clarity for your vision.  Next, design a method of communicating your vision to others.  This will facilitate understanding and support for the creation and implementation of your vision.  Collaboration in community brings change.

Problems and needs exist galore.  We are a changing world.  The problems change so must solutions.  The difference you make for a few or many is significant to resolving pain and suffering.  Your expression leads to brilliant manifestation of visions and potentialities.

Ideas, inventions, art, solutions, collaborations, integrations, concepts, notions are critical to life – your life, our life, all life.  Contribute and express your gifts and talents today and every day.  Let your joy radiate.

What do you see as your next step?  Begin today.

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