Expression Within Mine Eyes

We are driven to express and utilize out talents.  This expression can be for personal pleasure and for the personal experience of being in the flow. The experience of joy and contentment permeates our life. We may create in a mindset of depression or discontent ant that still provides the outlet for our intrinsic drive.


We can express our gifts avocationally – as a hobby or in a volunteer setting – a means to meet our need of self-expression. This is honoring our needs and our gifts in a form of expression.


We can express for ourselves and interact with others through clubs or groups that have the same passion. This allows for connections, practice, and growth.


The key is providing ourselves an opportunity to meet the intrinsic need of expression and experiencing our talents.

  • Not allowing perfectionism to block us
  • To know ourselves through the expression
  • To create the space and means to express
  • To connect with ourselves
  • To recognize, respect, and honor who we are and what we can do!


How do you express your talents?  Do you have an art (visual, musical, or physical) that you express?  Do you see your talent developing?  What is your emotional experience when you express yourself?


Expressing ourselves by creating art, ideas, solutions, is important to who we are.  We can feel very incomplete and have an internal nagging without expressing our gifts.  The lack of expression can be evident in restlessness, lethargy, depression, or internal chaos.  Expression is a way to tame the chaos and bring balance and harmony.  It is not a matter of wasting the talent if we do not express it.  It is a matter of not being whole.  Our talents and gifts are integral in who we are and permeate all aspects of our being.  Yes we can lose our selves in the creation, the flow, and yet through that creation we find ourselves.  Our expression as a private matter is ok.


Expressing for ourselves is not an act of selfishness-caring not for others, but an act of Self-identification and connection.  It is a way to understand our own multi-faceted complexity and chaos.  Self-expression leads to development, growth, evolution.  It brings clarity to our lives to enable us to make decisions regarding our life direction.  It brings a sense of calm, centeredness, and contentment.  This provides us with the resources, energy to apply to life in general.  We are our expression.


What impact does expressing or not expressing have on your life?  What techniques do you use to integrate your expression into your life?  What is the importance of expression to you?

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