The Guide

As we go through life and make choices we look to others for input.  As youngsters we look to our parents and teachers.  Then as a teen, we usually defer asking our parents.  Throughout life we have many guides – friends, mentors, teachers, books, and experiences.  We can look for someone like Merlin or Yoda or Dumbledore.  We can also listen to that small voice within (intuition, inner child, conscience, call it what works for you).  That small voice integrated current information and environment with past experiences and knowledge to give us the choices that are available at the moment.  Sometimes we listen and sometimes we don’t, just like we have done with our parents through the years.  However, our personal storage system contains vast input, much of which we are not consciously aware of because we have filtered out most information in the moment.  The filters are beneficial for preventing overload.  The filters also are from our point of view and thus can interfere with having beneficial information.  However, trusting the small inner voice provides great guidance as we make our choices in life.

The owl is a symbol of a messenger and guide.  Native American and other cultures present the owl as magic and wisdom.  This is tied up in the owl’s acute vision and hearing.  The owl is a bird of the night, a symbol of darkness within.  It’s yellow colored eyes is symbolic of the light within the darkness.  In recent book and movie series of Harry Potter the owls are the messengers and warning system for their owners.

A symbol helps us question and integrate ideas, concepts, and beliefs. Symbols and other tools or techniques provide us with different perspectives to broaden our point of view which again is a form of guidance.  Your daily interactions and experiences are means of guidance.  Increase your awareness of your internal and external guidance to gather information to make choices in the moment.  Here’s to your guides.

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