The Journey

The journey of life is like a maze – turns, twists, blocks, more than one entrance and exit, with a goal in mind.   As we journey, we need the spiral of the labyrinth – circling into our center and then back out to connect with the world.  Let’s figure out the “How To” in the choices and the challenges in expressing our gifts through our journey of life.

Mazes symbolize the decision-making process of our lives.  The intricate windings and illusions allow us to slowly unravel the secrets within ourselves and in the world around us.  We can learn to re-pattern our own lives in a more empowering way.  Each obstacle in the maize represents the challenges we face in our lives.  Each intersection represents the choices to be made in life.  Patience is a key virtue in solving the mystery of the maze.  You need patience to know yourself.

As things are challenging, chaotic, or we are in a hurry, we may need the calming and connection of the single spiraling path of the labyrinth.  This allows us to move forward to the center and out again, quieting our minds, clearing our sight, and creating the space for the next choice or decision.

Each of our abilities and talents need to be recognized and developed.  We know there will be obstacles along the path.  Our connection with our core, knowing who we are, and what we have to offer, will help us make the choices to complete the journey of our lives and reach our goal of expression.

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