Emotional Ruts and Flower Essences

I’ve got a feeling.  That’s a line of a chorus of a song that continues – I’ve got a feeling before the day ends I’ll learn a new song and make a new friend.

If every day was like that day, I could handle the rut.  However, sometimes I am caught up in anger or grief or self-loathing or self-doubt or…….  And it does not seem anything I do can get me out of the rut.  Many times I don’t even recognize I’m in a rut.  I’m just making it through the day. I’m uncomfortable, dissatisfied, disgusted with myself, depressed, frustrated – whatever and no energy to do anything about it.

I know I don’t want to continue feeling whatever I am feeling.  After all it is not fun.  So what to do?

The first step is to figure out what I am feeling.  We are kind of like a working paint palate with all the colors on the palate and then different blends for the current experience.  We need to recognize the dominant color at this moment – the dominant feeling.

Let’s say it’s anger.  I am pissed off at the world.  It doesn’t matter who says what or does what, it makes be angry and I spout off at them.  I need to be a little more definitive about my anger.  Where is the anger coming from?  Well maybe that is too much work and I don’t want to go there.  What are the characteristics of my anger?  Is the anger repressed? Is it just because I’m emotionally upset about a specific incident? Had it been around for a long time and isn’t even relevant to today?  Am I hypersensitive? Am I fearful of feeling anger? Does it usually come out in verbal abuse?

The characteristic of the anger and the connection it has to the blend of feelings I am experiencing leads to the identification of a specific Flower Essence that can assist with the release of the anger.  It is a release from being stuck in the anger.  The anger can have an appropriate reference point and if I am not stuck in it then I will experience the anger, respond to the stimulus that initiated the anger (know what pissed me off) and can move on – make a conscious choice of how to respond to what sparked my anger.

Flower Essences are subtle liquid extracts prepared from a sun infusion of flowers at their peak bloom in water.  They function from an energetic perspective versus a chemical perspective.  Generally they are taken in oral form.  They address issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.

Flower Essences help dislodge the rubbish that is damning up the flow.  With the release of the rubbish, emotions can be experienced as a flow, moving on.  Thus, we are prepared for the next experience of the moment – joy, sadness, delight, sorrow, pleasure, anger, whatever it may be.  Bringing us to a point of balance and health.  It is a point, not a status, as life continues to move with a mirage of experiences and inputs.  We want to stay in motion to experience balance points more frequently.

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