Are You Special?

Well are you breathing? That is the first test. You will notice I did not ask – do you know how to breathe – that is a discussion for another time. Since you are breathing, YES, you are special. I know that is a cliché – you are special, you are unique. However, it is true. There are no duplicates of you – not even identical twins. We are made up of our genes, experiences, and environments. That includes who we are, what we think, what we do, how we feel. Then we add our family and friends, teachers, acquaintances, others with whom we interact, meet, and connect with (both in person and cyberspace). Yet another part of the mix is where – where we born, where we live, where we have visited, country, state, city, neighborhood. All of this contributes to who we are and that is a unique, one of kind recipe with special results. Don’t forget timing as a factor.

Looking at the pieces under a microscope (introspection) is fun for some and considered useless by others. You can take this inner journey and explore. It lets you see your world. Who knows what you may discover. Some of the things others see and know and yet there is a mystery – that which only you know. Discovering you can give you answers and/or create more questions. You find your differences and your similarities – to family, friends, culture and being human. Like the magic of a snowflake you are special, unique, an individual.

There are expectations and roles that are part of your life experience. You make choices involving these expectations and roles. Sometimes your dreams and wishes (application of your special-ness) can be ignored, buried, discounted because of the expectations and roles. You can also be using what is very special about you to fulfill the expectations and roles. If you are not using your special-ness the inner journey can open the closed doors again. Then the potential for finding out how to include your dreams and wishes in everyday life can be a reality. Creating, growing, developing anything takes effort. However, your special-ness is who you are and what you can give. Find it, know it, and share it.

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