Strut Your Stuff!!!

Strut Your Stuff.
You’re a GENIUS and don’t know it!

You have heard the saying more than once — you are a unique individual. “oh, yeah, no doubt about it. I am different.” We spend lots of time and effort to blend in or at least not stand out. We may or may not know what makes us different. Being unique and different is genius – genuine.

That difference has many facets. Yes like the cliche goes – a diamond in the rough or is it a lump of coal? (PS Both are of great value, millions) Knowing which the diamond or the coal, let’s us know how to strut our stuff!
So how do you figure out the difference? Beyond just being weird or sticking out, how do you identify your genius and its utility? How do you let yourself and everyone else know your value in millions?

You can start with digging. After all, we are looking for diamonds and/or coal. Yes, you might get a little dirty (you will not like or be able to use everything you dig up). You are goint to have to work at it. It is not on the surface. You may find other treasures (useful items) while you are digging.

Shall we —— To dig, it will work better, be more fun, if we use some tools (a shovel, a backhoe, a pick, a bulldozer, etc. ). Try these tools on for size.

1. Write as many of the funniest things you have done, experienced, saw. Those things that you laughed and laughed about; those that were so funnily embarrassing; those things that were so much fun. Now you need to write down 3 to 99. Only take about 7 1/2 minutes. You can add to the list at any time, later.

2. Take a piece of paper, draw a big circle that fills the piece of paper. Now be quiet for a moment – that means the mind too, cut the chatter. Ask the question, What is my genius? Now without any thinking begin drawing within the circle – lines, circles, designs, pictures, what ever you see while the mind is quiet. Then color it – lots of color.

3. Now for the next 2 minutes write as many words that describes you – you have thought/said about yourself; others have said, shouted, whispered about you; that you would like to describe you. Write fast now, no screening in or out, write, write, write.

So did you dig deep enough to find any coal or diamonds? Probably not. Maybe we just removed a couple of shovels of dirt. However, did you uncover something you can use? Did you find a rock or a stick you can use as a brace to be able to dig deeper? Did you find something that sparkles, that gives you idea what you might find if you dig deeper? What kind of pattern began to appear? What does the pattern tell you on how to proceed? The digging has just begun. We are going to need some additional tools to be safe and to push on with the discovery of our millions.


  1. elissawrites says

    Your voice comes through in these words, I feel like I am sitting at the table with you.
    Love the part about diamonds and coal both being worth millions, and how to let everyone else know your value in millions.
    I also love treasures as 'useful items.'

    If I were reading, I'd want more set up and debrief on each exercise. I like the expectation at the end of it being just a starter to encourage you to dig more.

  2. Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie says

    I love the "strut your stuff" and the tools you suggest. Looking forward to hearing more.


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