Jin Shin Fingerholds

Jin Shin Fingerholds

Are you looking for some relief…???? From stress, frustration, pain or …??????

Let me describe a Jin Shin method to remove tensions and help with better well being.

Jin Shin is: a body energy balancing art. It’s based on energy as the primary life force. It involves placing the fingertips on points on the body to keep the body’s natural energy flow open and circulating. The theory is that everyday tension and stress can block and disrupt that energy flow, putting the body out of balance and eventually causing illness. By reconnecting the energy locks, or points along the energy pathways, the flow or well-being of the body is restored. It’s not a cure all but more of a wellness mode. It doesn’t heal, but puts your energy flow in balance so your body can do the healing.

The basic fingerholds involve: a self administration of jump starting the energy flows through the fingers. Gently hold your right thumb –hold it in any position. “Listen” (wait for a feeling) for a tingling, a warmth, pulse (like a blood pulse, heart beat). A gentle rhythmic pulsation in the finger indicates that the energy flow has been restored. It can take 2-20 minutes for the pulsation to come. If you get impatient hold for at least two minutes and then go on to the next finger. The body knows how to complete the jump start. To complete the tune-up hold each finger on each hand.

The finger holds release specific attitudes and physical symptoms. The fingers open the energy pathways in the entire body. The thumb releases worry and stomach aches. A baby naturally sucks its thumb when worried. The index finger releases fear and muscle related problems like back aches. The index finger is used to point at others and create intimidation. The middle finger releases anger and eye and vision problems. Ever hear the cliché “I’m so angry I can’t see straight”. The ring finger releases sadness, grief, and breathing problems. The ring finger with a ring – a circle of love – overcomes sadness; so much in love you hold your breath. The little finger releases pretense and nerve problems. It is the little finger the heart system flows through – holding the little fingers can decrease the effects of heart problems. Hold each finger on each hand to balance out emotions and actions, caring and thinking, balance of opposites.

An exercise just like walking or stretching to reduce stress, bring balance. The finger holds can easily be done every day – morning to energize, night time to relax for sleep. The finger holds can be done at the stop light or when you are at the doctor’s office waiting so by the time you see the doctor the symptoms has diminished. Take the time and take another step toward health and well being.


  1. elissawrites says

    This was a neat surprise. Thank you for the method. I like reading your how-to voice.

    There are a few places where I wasn't sure exactly what you meant. I think doing live explanations and then writing them down will be a good editing method.

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