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Is This ME?

Do you struggle with keeping quiet and being exuberant with ideas to make things better?  Do you see patterns, connections or solutions that seem obvious and yet others wonder where you are coming from?  Are you expected or expect yourself to settle on one career and yet so many things interest you?  Are you excited easily and also hurt easily?  Do you have lots of energy?  Do you often feel out-of-sync with others? Do you have a vivid imagination and are driven by your creativity?  Do you often question authority?  Do you need periods of contemplation?

These characteristics have been identified as a person with extra intelligence (Kuplers & Van Kempen) or gifted (Jacobsen or Streznewski or Silverman).  The key is you have high ability and are multitalented.  We need to understand ourselves to overcome the frustrations we experience with limiting our expression of our potential.  We are driven to be who we are, but have established strategies to fit in and not be noticed.  Yet, the spark remains within that wants to be fanned so that we can be a contribution.  Let’s do that today!

“How To” Life Consultants, LLC

  • Creates opportunities for personal development of multi-talented individuals.
  • Figures out “How To” express high abilities to fulfill drive and passion.
  • Discovers and develops characteristics, talents, weaknesses, and needs to enjoy life and make a contribution.
  • Provides strategies for how to live life as a multi-talented individual


  • Provide resources, discussions, exercises here for your perusal and use on your own time.
  • No-cost teleseminars addressing the dilemma of being gifted
  • Workshops (live and virtual) to explore in a step by step fashion the discovery and development of interests, talents, and potential
  • Retreats to immerse yourself in self-discovery and start the next steps on your journey of expression and contribution of your many talents.
  • Individual consultations to open the doors of opportunity
  • Presentations and keynotes to create a spark for enthusiastic expression of being gifted

Explore the site, leave some comments, contact us with questions, and/or register for an event. Do it now, do it today! Independence and Community all in one.

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The Discrepancies as a Multi-Talent

     We are different and do not easily fit in.  We have all this joy and yet all this sorrow.  We can do so many things and yet cannot seem to relate. What kind of discrepancies do we experience?   And then what happens?                 Do we isolate?                 Do we experience pain?                 […]

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Space in Your Life for Fun, Rest, and Play 01-21-15

You know that blank space (margins) around the page full of words, it has a function.  Let’s see – 1) It makes it easier to read the words, 2) it lets you make notes or put asterisks to point our important stuff, 3)  it allows for doodling if listening to someone talk about the words, […]

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Impact of the World as a Multi-Talent

     What does the world have to do with us as multi-talents? What kind of impact is our family, culture, community, and/or place in history? Part of how we define ourselves comes from the experiences we have lived. And what kind of impact has the world have on us as multi-talents? This is an […]

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Goal Setting as a Multi-Talent

With multi-talents we have so many directions we would like to pursue. Many new areas, possibilities are always attracting our attention.  It is difficult for us to pick a goal to set and then set and complete the goal.  Our attention is split in many directions, easily distracted, and the self-doubt, perfectionism, and impostor syndrome […]

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Driving Force as a Multi-Talent

We are looking at our internal driving force – values, beliefs, needs, goals, passions – we have many.  They        impact our choices, decisions and our point of view. Let’s explore this a little further so what may be unconscious and automatic can become conscious choice. Values are what we choose as important […]

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Writing at Dare Whimsy today 01-08-15 Join us.

This week at This week’s discussion among The Women of Dare Whimsy: Between Us Girls will be focused on how we set goals, protect boundaries, and expectations from being hijacked by others.  What does it take with many interests and talents to set and accomplish goals? Here at  information is shared to assist […]

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