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Is This ME?

Do you struggle with keeping quiet and being exuberant with ideas to make things better?  Do you see patterns, connections or solutions that seem obvious and yet others wonder where you are coming from?  Are you expected or expect yourself to settle on one career and yet so many things interest you?  Are you excited easily and also hurt easily?  Do you have lots of energy?  Do you often feel out-of-sync with others? Do you have a vivid imagination and are driven by your creativity?  Do you often question authority?  Do you need periods of contemplation?

These characteristics have been identified as a person with extra intelligence (Kuplers & Van Kempen) or gifted (Jacobsen or Streznewski or Silverman).  The key is you have high ability and are multitalented.  We need to understand ourselves to overcome the frustrations we experience with limiting our expression of our potential.  We are driven to be who we are, but have established strategies to fit in and not be noticed.  Yet, the spark remains within that wants to be fanned so that we can be a contribution.  Let’s do that today!

“How To” Life Consultants, LLC

  • Creates opportunities for personal development of multi-talented individuals.
  • Figures out “How To” express high abilities to fulfill drive and passion.
  • Discovers and develops characteristics, talents, weaknesses, and needs to enjoy life and make a contribution.
  • Provides strategies for how to live life as a multi-talented individual


  • Provide resources, discussions, exercises here for your perusal and use on your own time.
  • No-cost teleseminars addressing the dilemma of being gifted
  • Workshops (live and virtual) to explore in a step by step fashion the discovery and development of interests, talents, and potential
  • Retreats to immerse yourself in self-discovery and start the next steps on your journey of expression and contribution of your many talents.
  • Individual consultations to open the doors of opportunity
  • Presentations and keynotes to create a spark for enthusiastic expression of being gifted

Explore the site, leave some comments, contact us with questions, and/or register for an event. Do it now, do it today! Independence and Community all in one.

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Get the Clutter Out of the Way

Clutter:  1) a disorderly heap or assemblage                 2) a state or condition of confusion   Multi-talents are creating in many different directions.  Many ideas and projects are in process everywhere.  The desk, the studio, work space or living space shows all the possibilities, all the starts and all that is progressing.  Our thoughts and […]

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Taoism and Learning

Rocky Stream

  As Multi-Talents, so many things come so easily for us.  We do not have to prepare, study, or work at it.  Many times we make it through classes without exerting any real effort.  Then we may make such comments that it is all so easy and thus we are bored.  The question becomes do […]

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Too Much? Time to Reduce the Clutter


Find in all the rush and overwhelm the point of center Clear away the clutter and the debris Let the ideas flow Let the space open up Let life flow by reducing the stumbling blocks Find the roots of meaning  And experience the freedom of blowing in the wind  

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Daily Routines and Seasonal Schedule Changes

As multi-talents, one coping strategy for our too much characteristics is to have routines.  With routines we can manage our many ideas, many emotions, many sensory and cognitive inputs, many experiences, and the many responsibilities.  Routines help us manage ourselves and the vast number of people and projects in our lives.  When a seasonal schedule […]

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Taoism and Expectations

Around the corner

  Expectation – a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future; or a belief that someone will or should achieve something. “In the case of uncertainty, expectation is what is considered the most likely to happen. An expectation, which is a belief that is centered on the future, may or may not be realistic. A […]

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When Change Comes


Spring is on the verge of summer School year is cycling to an end Schedules change Demands are not the same What will you do To swing into this next phase Changes, transitions, the dance continues

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